Question: Have any couples from dinner date got married?

But it went so well that seven years later theyre married and have now welcomed baby Ember together - the first baby born to a couple who met on the popular show. The hit ITV programme sees single men or women pick three blind dates based on menus put together by hopeful singles who cook for them in their own home.

Has anyone from First Dates got married?

Ibiba and Arron are one of two First Dates couples who are still together to have welcomed a child together. They met on series five, and have since got married and had a daughter in 2017.

Are the Blind Date couples still married?

Lauren and Cameron Our fave pod couple got married a few days after Amber and Barnett and are still happily married. Theyre so in-love and we love their love! The duo also came out with their own YouTube Series where they answer all your questions about being a couple, so make sure you check out their channel.

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