Question: How much is premium on World of Tanks?

Purchasing Premium Account in-game using Gold 360 days, 24,000. 180 days, 13,500. 90 days, 7,500.

What does World of Tanks Premium give you?

A World of Tanks Premium Account gives more credits and experience per battle. 65% more Experience per battle. 65% more Crew Experience per battle. 50% more credits earned in a battle.

How much does World of Tanks gold cost?

Buying GoldNo.Gold amountPrice (USD)1.25000$ 99.953.6500$ 29.954.3000$ 14.955.1250$ 6.951 more row

What is wargaming premium account?

Details. Wargaming Premium Account encompasses World of Warships, World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes. This means that when you purchase it for one game, you automatically get it for the others. It brings you more credits and XP that can facilitate your progress in the game.

How do I cancel wargaming premium?

How to cancel the subscriptionNavigate to the Subscriptions section of the Premium Shop.Find the active subscription you want to cancel.Click [Edit]Click [Unsubscribe]21 Feb 2020

What is the best premium tank in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks Best Premium TanksAmx 13 57.105 leFH18B2.Löwe.GSOR 1008.Object 703 Version II.Rheinmetall Skorpion G.T26E5.Bat. -Châtillon Bourrasque.More items •23 May 2021

How do you get unlimited money on off road outlaws?

5:246:14Offroad Outlaws - NEW UNLIMITED MONEY & GOLD GLITCH! - YouTubeYouTube

How do I convert Gold in World of Tanks?

In order to exchange your Gold to Credits, please follow these steps:Log onto the World of Tanks client.Click on the Exchange button listed below the Credits bank at the top right-hand corner of your client.Enter the amount of Gold you would like to convert to Credits. You will receive a confirmation pop up window.More items •6 Sep 2017

How do I cancel World of Tanks?

Go to On the menu to the left, click Settings Click Extension subscription. Click Cancel.

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