Question: What state goes with Lansing?

What state is Lansing in?

Michigan Lansing/State Lansing, capital of Michigan, U.S., located in Ingham county. The city site, on the Grand River at its junction with the Red Cedar River, was a wilderness when the state capital was moved there from Detroit (about 85 miles [140 km] southeast) in 1847.

What is Lansing named after?

1848 - Michigan, Michigan is renamed Lansing by the Michigan Legislature. The name is derived from Lansing, Michigan, a town in New York named for John Lansing Jr., a significant New York statesman. Also, the Michigan Legislature meets in Lansing for the first time. 1859 - Lansing is incorporated as a city.

Is Lansing and East Lansing different cities?

Michigan State is located in East Lansing, a separate city (statistically and municipally) from Lansing, though they are clearly interconnected. Lansing is the State Capital, an oddity among metropolitan areas where the major local industry is state government.

Did Michigan ever have wolverines?

While wild wolverines exist in Oregon, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, California, and parts of Canada, there are no wild wolverines in Michigan.

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