Question: How do you date a Seth Thomas Mantel Clock?

Between 1881 and 1918, most Seth Thomas clocks were stamped in ink with codes on the bottom or on the case back. Note that many Seth Thomas clocks were reverse date stamped with the year and then a letter for the month of production. Be aware that some Seth Thomas clocks are not marked.

Are Seth Thomas mantel clocks valuable?

Not surprisingly, the earliest clocks, especially those actually made by Seth Thomas, are worth the most money. If you can get a sense of the date your clock was made, either from the label, style, or date stamp, you have an important factor in assigning value.

How do you date a Waterbury mantel clock?

Waterbury clock movements vary, and sometimes may be stamped or engraved with the makers name. They may also be stamped with the clocks manufacture date, underneath Waterburys patent marking. (The patent marking is a # followed by a number.)

Are Waterbury clocks worth anything?

In good condition, antique Waterbury wall clocks can bring upwards of $800. Some of the small, brass alarm clocks may only cost around $30.

Is Waterbury a good clock?

Over the years, Waterbury would become a leading manufacturer of clocks—by the time it closed its doors in 1944, it had made some of the most memorable American antique wall clocks and mantel clocks, as well as highly regarded clock movements and watches.

How do I date my Enfield clock?

# 1. Chime and strike clocks marked Smiths Enfield on the dial or Smith-Enfield on the movement date from 1949 or later. # 2. If the clock has a floating balance movement it dates to 1956 or later.

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