Question: Do you need a receiver for powered speakers?

Every set of speakers needs amplification to work. These are called passive speakers. On the other hand, powered stereo speakers (also known as powered monitors or active speakers) are designed with built-in amplification, so they dont require a receiver.

Can you run powered speakers with a receiver?

Your receiver will need to include pre-outs or Zone 2 lines in order to connect powered or active speakers to it. Simply connect your speakers to the pre-outs or zone 2 outputs. You cannot connect powered or active speakers to a receivers normal speaker terminals because it WILL damage the speakers.

How can I power my speakers without a receiver?

You can also add speakers to the TV without a receiver is the 3.5 to 3.5mm audio cable. This is pretty easy to do as the first step is to switch the audio source back to source number one. Then take the first end of the cable and plug it in the auxiliary port.

Do I need a receiver for passive speakers?

Passive speakers dont have their own power supply, so theres no power cable attached to them. Instead, youll find a couple of jack sockets or wire connectors on the back of each speaker that youll need to plug into an amplifier (or home theater receiver).

Can I connect powered speakers to an amplifier?

Can you use an amplifier with powered speakers? Powered speakers are meant to be used without an amplifier. You should never connect the power output (speaker terminal) on your amplifier to the speaker terminals on powered speakers.

Can I plug speakers into the headphone jack on my TV?

Most smaller TVs have a headphone jack, into which you can plug any set of powered PC speakers. Most HDTVs have RCA audio-out jacks, and a simple adapter cable will let you plug in your PC speakers. The only hitch is that you may have to venture into the TVs settings and switch the audio to external.

Will my speakers sound better with an amp?

A better amp will make your speakers play louder and sound better, but it wont make bad speakers sound like good speakers. Many speakers have a maximum wattage rating on the back. High-end amplifier companies make amps with more than 1,000 watts, and you could plug in a $50 speaker into it with no problem.

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