Question: What is Binder app?

Binder is a new app available on the Google Play Store, which purports to make it easy for users to break up with their soon to be former lovers. The name is intentionally similar to the popular Tinder dating app, which is currently all the rage among singles looking for the love of their lives, or just a quick hookup.

What is a tinder binder?

Binder allows relationship-weary men and women to enter a partners gender, name and number and then, like the app that inspired it, swipe right to bin them. The heartbreaker chooses a reason for binning their significant other, such as Its like Im living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare, and theyre away.

What is flutter dating app?

Flutter is the perfect UI framework to build a snappy & hot mobile dating app for both iOS and Android. By using one of the best Flutter dating app templates, you can create a dating app much more quickly, even in a matter of days.

What is Flutter Phoenix?

A new dating app aims to cure the problem of dead-end conversations between users as it expands to Phoenix, the first market its testing outside of San Francisco. Theres a surge of singleness thanks to months of physical isolation, according to a press release from dating app Flutter.

What does TG mean in size?

XL/TG means Extra Large/Tres Grande, Tres Grande being Extra Large in spanish, or so Ive read.

What does size 2tg mean?

It means the size. Depends on what size you want; small medium or large. If you Google it you will find the size you want. John Noone.

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