Question: Does Nelly Miss Ashanti?

Are Nelly and Ashanti still friends?

Nelly and Ashanti were a music industry power couple for years. Their relationship remained quiet but strong for many years; Nelly even expressed an interest in marrying Ashanti. But in 2013, the couple called it quits after a decade together.

Did Nelly marry Ms Jackson?

Shantel Jackson and Nelly have called it quits. They had been together since 2014. According to a screen grab from The Neighborhood Talk, Jackson revealed her relationship status to a fan who asked her if she and the St.

How much is Ashanti worth 2020?

Ashanti Net Worth: Ashanti is an American singer and actress who has a net worth of $8 million.

Is Nelly still in a relationship?

The couple made their relationship official in 2014 before calling it quit in 2019. Still, according to Jackson, they now enjoy a friendship. A curious fan asked aked her, “R u (and) Nelly are still together, I love seeing them together,” and Shantel replied, “No were not … just friends.”

What happened to Floyds wife?

As reported by USA Today, the specific cause of death was mixed drug toxicity due to the ingestion of Fentanyl, an opioid, and Alprarzoam, a drug sold under the moniker of Xanax.

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