Question: Is a Capricorn compatible with a Capricorn?

Capricorn and Capricorn make a great pair as they both expect totally similar things from their relationship. They both quest into deeper things and expect the least out of each other. Capricorn and Capricorn make a great pair and their compatibility falls somewhere near 90%.

What type of music do Capricorns like?

Capricorn – Since Capricorns are very disciplined and family oriented, they enjoy traditional music the most. The majority of Capricorns, tend to like the music which their parents raised them on. They love classical music and great rock and roll.

Do Capricorns like Pisces?

“Pisces can soften things, like gentle waves eroding the hard shoreline of the Capricorns heart,” she says. “They can help open Capricorn up to more nurturing energy.” Capricorn will find Pisces tenderness endearing and will be curious to learn more about them.

Are Capricorns good in business?

One of the reasons that Capricorns are so good at business (besides being hardworkers) is that they get things done in a timely manner. They dont procrastinate, they dont wait for the right time or the right circumstances, and they take action right away.

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