Question: Is there a strip in Tenerife?

Whats is The Strip of Tenerife called?

Veronicas Strip 4 answers. The Street is actually called Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina but known generally as Veronicas Strip or The Strip and is near Hotel Sol Tenerife, it is pretty much the in place for nightlife.

Where in Tenerife is best for nightlife?

Playa de las Américas Located on the southern coast of the island, Playa de las Américas is the most popular place in the whole of Europe offering immense beauty and the best place for nightlife in Tenerife. You can make the most of your night by visiting sites like Crystals Palace, Tramps The King Of Clubs or Sax Rock Bar.

Is Tenerife a party holiday?

Tenerife is popular with Stag and Hen Parties and young party people looking for sun sand and sex on the beach cocktails. Tenerife is famous for its golden beaches (some have been shortlisted best beaches in the world) and its incredible day and night party scene.

Which area of Tenerife is the best?

Puerto de la Cruz is the best place to stay in Tenerife north. If during summer you prefer to escape the hot climate in the South of the island, then Puerto de la Cruz is a perfect choice, being situated on the North West coast.

Which is the most upmarket resort in Tenerife?

La Caleta is probably the best area for a luxury holiday in Tenerife, with amazing 5 stars hotels.

Where is the main strip in Costa Adeje?

Costa Adeje is situated perfectly near to the center of nightlife in Tenerife: The famous Veronicas Strip & Starco.

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