Question: Will there be a 4th pitch perfect?

Rebel Wilson has fans excited at the possibility of another movie. Rebel Wilson has been keeping fans hopes up for Pitch Perfect 4. Theres some things in the works. However, Pitch Perfect screenwriter Kay Cannon revealed that she doesnt believe a fourth installment with the same cast is coming up.

What year is pitch perfect 4 coming out?

Pitch Perfect 4: Bellas Comeback (2022) Its been five years since the Bellas became the first all-female group to winning the world championships and reuniting for an overseas USO tour.

Will Anna Kendrick be in pitch perfect 4?

Anna Kendrick Would Film Pitch Perfect Films Forever In August 2017, ahead of the release of the franchises third installment, which hit theaters in December of that year, Kendrick told Entertainment Weekly that she would absolutely be down to film a fourth film, if the opportunity presented itself.

Will there be a pitch perfect 4 in 2022?

Pitch Perfect 4 has yet to be confirmed despite the casts constant teases for a fourth outing of the Barden Bellas. But if anybody can make the fourth movie happen, its the cast and its a possibility until Universal says otherwise, so heres everything you need to know about a potential Pitch Perfect 4.

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