Question: What does abstinence mean in a relationship?

In its simplest form, abstinence is the decision not to have sexual intercourse. Some people might view abstinence as refraining from any and all sexual activity. Others might engage in outercourse, avoiding vaginal or anal penetration. Its important to remember there isnt a “right” way to define abstinence.

Why abstinence is good in a relationship?

increase trust and closeness between partners. prevent pregnancy if you dont have another kind of birth control available. help you better understand your (and your partners) body. help you learn how you (and your partner) like to be touched and what feels good.

How do you practice abstinence in a relationship?

Here are some tips to keep you on track:Know what practicing abstinence means to you. Think about how far you feel comfortable going and what your sexual limits are. Talk before things get sexual. Its hard to think and speak clearly when youre all turned on in the heat of the moment. Be straightforward. Be confident.

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